Finding a voice: Without apology

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I thought about calling this post “Finding a voice while traveling with a tinfoil hat in a time of post-permanence: Lessons from OER17 and other places” but that seemed like a lot to unpack in a single blog post. So … Continued

Lesson I need to learn?

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  It might be good I’m on my way to a beach vacation tomorrow… People who know me, know that my 13 year-old son has been struggling in school. He quit going altogether in the first semester. Then he started … Continued

Voices in the margins

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In open online spaces, we are not equally fragile. It is everyone’s responsibility to listen and care and support marginal voices. Whether or not they wish to speak. Whether or not they wish to be present. Whether or not they … Continued

In defence of the lowly KPI…

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I’ve had alot of fun hanging out with an Ed Tech/ Open Ed group over the past week. Most of what was said made sense to me. Then the conversation shifted to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)… Now I have seen … Continued

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