**This portfolio was originally created in 2012 at the end of my MEd program. I am in the process of moving it to WordPress and updating it.

Tanya Dorey-Elias

I was a part-time student at Athabasca University for the past fifteen years. I have completed a Bachelors of General Studies, a Graduate Diploma in Instructional Design, and originally completed this portfolio to end of my Athabasca journey with an MEd in Distance Education program. Through the MEd program, I gained skills and confidence that have had a positive impact on my personal and professional life, while allowing to balance those often competing priorities. I’m now close to completing a certificate in Predictive Analytics from University of California, Irvine Extension.

In my work life, I ran a small business from 1999-2010 that had up to 12 employees and annual revenues of up to $ 2 million. From 2010-2014, I worked at Convergys Corporation as a Learning Consultant & Senior Quality Manager. There, I managed a global team of up to 50 employees focused on performance and process improvement.

In late 2014, I moved to Thompson Rivers University, first as the Manager, Planning & Effectiveness and currently as a Learning Consultant, Online and Blended Learning. In these roles, I have continued to focus on process improvement issues while also becoming increasingly involved in research related to access and open data & analysis.

Contact Information

Email address: eliasj@telus.net

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What I now know (or think I know) about learning

Short video that explores my thoughts on learning in 2011. The tools have changed, but my basic beliefs about learning remain the same.

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Leadership and management: Leading involves inspiring and motivating. It also involves working collaboratively to address issues and explore new possibilities. Finally, it involves decision-making. AU allowed me develop these skills that I use continue to develop these every day while managing a five-person team.

Communication and interpersonal skills: It never ceases to amaze me how many good ideas there are out there. Listening, asking questions, and putting pieces together have been the foundation of everything I have accomplished.

Problem-solving and analysis: At AU, I began to explore using analytics as a way to quickly responed to the needs of learners. At work, I need to adapt quickly to changing business needs and resolve issues as they arise. Together, these opportunities have allowed me to identify and tackle a series of process and performance issues head on.

Innovation and research: It AU, I have had the opportunity to work and research with many leaders in instructional design, educational technology, social media, and analytics. I’m hopeful that I’ll also soon be able to share some of our accomplishments at work with the wider learning community.

Learning technologies: I have become passionate about the importance of learning and training. By providing the very best in learning opportunities we can help learners to succeed both at work and in their lives. It is this strong belief that drives my desire to seek out and implement new learning solutions.

Instructional design and development: I have specialized in learning analytics, performance management, instructional design, the use of social media in learning, and universal instructional design principles. I also gained a solid foundation in strategic planning, evaluation, and change management. At work, I’ve put those skills to use to recently transform a 31-day new hire curriculum using analytics-driven instructional design – and the pilot results have been very good.