Noticing remarkableness

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I’m tired of being told that online learners are uninterested, uninvolved and unengaged because, from where I sit, I see us as completely connected to our work, communities, families and school–we may just be too involved to step back and … Continued

From the margins

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“marginality … is also the site of radical possibility, a space of resistance “ –  bell hooks cited on the Marginal Syllabus from her book Yearning: Race, Gender, and Cultural Politics (1990) as cited in Maha Bali’s Reproducing Marginality There have been a few … Continued

Learning is… a month-long adventure

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It’s been a long month. A strange month. I’ve spent a lot of time engaging with some different approaches to change in teaching and learning (the good, the bad and the pragmatic). Learning is social, collaborative and knowledge creation The … Continued

A hammer is not a solution

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I stumbled across the quote below from a recent blog post by Donna Lanclos: “I want to get people to start from the notion that there are educational things that they want to do, or educational processes that they would like … Continued

In defence of the lowly KPI…

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I’ve had alot of fun hanging out with an Ed Tech/ Open Ed group over the past week. Most of what was said made sense to me. Then the conversation shifted to KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)… Now I have seen … Continued

Big Ideas and Organic Growth

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I just got back from a conference, an experience that almost leaves me with a few nuggets to ponder, often about what was not said or the opportunity. In this case, the main takeaway nugget from OpenEd2015 related to little … Continued

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